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The course, Music in Israel (MUS 139, and MUS 74), will return to the University of California Berkeley’s Department of Music, in the Fall. Last time around, the course was quite a success. It included lively discussions, tons of musical examples, guest lecturers, Skype guests from around the world, live performances, and, of course, the #Unfinal.

Check out UC Berkeley’s Academic Calendar and Schedule of Classes for the details about Fall of 2013. And do come back to this blog for more information, schedule and syllabus updates, new resources, and more.

In the meantime, enjoy Ester Rada, performing live in a Tel Aviv club with the Haim Sisters:


We cannot take our lecture out of its intended site today, for the obvious reason that it relies heavily on multimedia resources.

We are however meeting “outside” of our usual lecture environment (we are meeting in the Gallery, next door), and today’s guest lecturer is addressing a variety of socially-related issues (not that we do not usually do that already…), including video and audio recordings of the demonstrations of social unrest in Israel last summer.

See you later, not “in class.”

I know that, as UC Berkeley students, you are used to instructors who are mentioned in the New York Times… But this is a first for me, so I thought I’d share.

A perceptive article by Edward Rothstein, former music critic and now culture critic at large, appeared this morning, on the front page of the Arts section (A Jewish Museum Shifts Identity), accompanied by a very inspiring slideshow.

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