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Interestingly enough, as we attempt to define our topic, “music in Israel,” and the related topics of Israel/Palestine/State of Israel/Land of Israel/Promised Land, we also gain a more distinct understanding of the related, and not necessarily antagonistic, notions of Diaspora…


When studying the many musical traditions that were brought to Palestine, and then to the State of Israel, by Jewish immigrants, we confronted the challenges presented by the multi-dimensionality of Jewish cultural identity.

Here are my field notes from our conversation, which led us to consider the role of ethnomusicology in Jewish Studies.

Listening assignments for Week 3 are here. We discuss musical notions of exile (or notions of musical exile), and the musical relationship between music and a land.

As we listen to songs of longing (for a seemingly unattainable land, the Land of Israel) sung across the Jewish Diaspora for centuries, we also read about the arrival of Diaspora Jews to Palestine, and the development of musical life before and shortly after the foundation of the State of Israel in 1948.

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