Jazz in Israel – Outline
Jimmy Yin

The main purpose of this presentation is to provide a broad overview of Israel’s burgeoning jazz scene, as well as the institutions that have contributed to their success.

My hope is that at my presentation gets people excited about Israeli jazz (or jazz in general)! The global nature of the genre makes it particularly relevant to the themes we discuss in this class, and Israeli artists make use of many of the musical motifs which we have encountered thus far.

The outline below covers the people and main topics that I’ll be covering in my presentation. Attached at the end are the recordings and resources that I referenced and used in the course of research for my paper.

I. Introduction

II. Beginnings

– Zvi Keren

– Arnie Lawrence

III. Today’s Scene

– Avishai Cohen, bassist

  • Recording: Madrid

– Gilad Atzmon

– Eli Degibri

  • Recording: Israeli Song

– Gadi Lehavi

  • Recording: Gadi Lehavi Quartet with Eli Degibri

IV. Festivals and Institutions

– Red Sea Jazz Festival

– Educational institutions

  • Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music

– Recording companies

– The role of the West

Links to recordings:

Avishai Cohen Band – Madrid (requires Spotify)

Eli Degibri – Israeli Song

Gadi Lehavi Quartet with Eli Degibri

References/further reading:

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