Dear Class,

Next Wednesday, our Final Examination will be held at The Magnes from 11:30 until 2:30.

Attendance is mandatory. No exceptions.

As discussed in class, the Final for Music in Israel will follow the “unconference” format, which requires active participation from everyone.

Participants (that’s you!) will choose the content of the discussion by suggesting possible topics, creating a schedule, attending and participating in the discussion sessions, and helping with a plenary conclusive session.

In order to be prepared for the final you will need to take a look at the following links:

You can bring ANYTHING you wish to the Final. Laptops, smartphones, tablets, books, notes, post-it’s, puppets, musical instruments, other instruments… Really, anything that you think will help you.

The draft of the schedule is available at and you can already add your proposed topics to it.

You are expected to contribute to the discussion by:

  1. Proposing discussion topics (sessions) in the initial Session Marketplace and create a Schedule
  2. Attending a total of 3 sessions based on your interests (up to 4 different sessions will take place at the same time in the auditorium, conference room and seminar room of The Magnes)
  3. Participate in the discussions you are attending
  4. Contribute to the plenary concluding session

All topics are acceptable. Those pertaining to the course are preferred, since this is what brought all of us together, but you may also come up with different ideas and, if enough students want to participate, that’s good too.

Personally, I’m interested in sessions that complete what the course had to offer during the semester. It is a chance to provide your fellow students (and the instructor) with critical feedback, suggestions on how to improve the learning experience, ideas on new materials, your own views on a specific topic, etc.

The Final (or the “unfinal” as we have been referring to in class)  will only be as good as the content we inject into it.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email me, as usual.

See you in class,