A great website documenting the life – and the sound, and the thriving music scene – of Machaneh Yehudah, aka “the shuk,” a large outdoor marketplace in West Jerusalem, recently became available in English.

Here’s a link to its video page, which features some very interesting examples of how this thriving Jerusalem site (which was also the target of several suicide bombings between 1997 and 2002) serves not only as a resource for stocking up on (yummy) groceries, but as an aggregator of primarily Middle Eastern soundscapes:

[youtube http://youtu.be/4RxPdoZqjWE]

And, of course, here’s the related Facebook page.

Incidentally, I learned from Wikipedia that the neighborhood in which the market is located was named after Yehudah Navon by his brother, Yosef Navon (1858-1934), an entrepreneur in Ottoman Jerusalem who co-founded the neighborhood itself in the 1880’s, and whose photographic portrait is currently on display at The Magnes. Students walk by it (and by Mr. Navon’s sword…) each time the come to class:

Photograph [93.29]: Portrait of Yosef Navon (Jerusalem, c. 1932)