I have enjoyed reading the proposals submitted by the students of Music in Israel for their class projects (papers, presentations and performances). Then, I divided them into groups, and created a graph.

It should suggest where things are at, now that we have reached the middle of the Semester:

Class Projects Topics Graph

Please note that the category “other” is comprised of a variety of projects on topics that touch on general music-related issues (musical fusion, music and national identity, music and spirituality and/or religion). The category “dance” includes both papers (2) on Israeli folk dances (and their relationship to national identity), and a proposed session in which we will all learn some Israeli dance steps. I am delighted to see that the emphasis on the various cultural components of Israel (called “ethnic communities” above) has struck a chord in the class, and that students are taking the topic of “music, army and wars” as seriously as we all discussed it in class for the past two weeks. Oh, and I decided to divide up “rock” and “popular music” because the two groups seemed substantial enough to do so. The taxonomy of this graph reflects the need to create a summary of where things are at, rather than an objective depiction of the materials covered in class.