Next Tuesday, we should all be displaying (especially me, I suspect) our best behavior, since we are welcoming another UC Berkeley Class, Jewish Studies 101, co-taught by Erich Gruen and Hannah Setlzer, who asked me to give a talk on the history of Jewish musical culture, with a particular reference to Italy in the early-modern period.

To make sure that we can still connect this class with the topic of our course, I offered to speak about “Jewish Culture and Jewish Cultural Products” (with a specific reference to music). I am somewhat confident that it will end up raising some relevant issues in regards to music in Israel (especially: is there a specificity to Jewish cultural production in a context of Jewish self-government?), even though for a day we will be (sonically) inhabiting the world of the Italian ghettos.

On Thursday, we resume our 20th-century focus, and discuss the impact of Jewish history (and Jewish musical history) on the work of select Israeli composers: Tsippi Fleisher,  Paul Ben-Haim (whose music we now know quite well), Noam Sheriff and Oded Zehavi.

Here’s the weekly listening assignment sheet:

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