One date in Oakland (March 1st). Here’s HaDag Nachash‘ most celebrated hit, The Sticker Song (2004), written by Israeli novelist David Grossman, here with English supertitles:

More information on the band’s upcoming Bay Area appearance here.

The Sticker Song and the video that comes with it are an interesting complement to what we watched together at the beginning of the semester: 500 people in 100 seconds. It strikingly reminds of the clash of immigrant cultures we saw at play last week, as well as, in a similar vein, Spike Lee’s harsh “love song” to New York City in the 25th Hour (2002).

Because this too is a love song for a war-torn place, after all (originally by David Benioff).

PS: Of course, some may see the scene from Spike Lee’s film as an answer to Woody Allen’s other love song to New York City (well, Manhattan, actually):

Perhaps it it that, as well. Instead, I’d prefer seeing it as a (not so) gentle reminder that this week we discuss war.