Here’s the link:

Israel Ministry of Toursim:Free Israel Music DVD*

I am really interested in knowing what the musical selection is in this promotional DVD. Here’s the introductory text:

When you visit Israel, you’ll never be the same! Now you can request a complimentary Israel DVD and receive an unforgettable music video of the Holy Land – absolutely free! Just fill out the information below to request your free Israel Music DVD. Thank you for your time and input!

What this is about (outreach to Christian Churches by the Israel Ministry of Tourism) is clarified in the pull-down menus in the order form:

  • Personal titles include, beyond the usual “Mr., Miss, Mrs., Ms. and Dr.,” also “Rev.,” “Pastor,” and “Bishop”
  • The additional information optionally requested asks to specify one’s role “in my church or organization”

Beyond the obvious curiosity about content, this online ad is interesting for at least two major reasons.

Number one: a concrete example of how music may serve political, and economic, goals. (In this case: outreach and PR, as well as promotion of tourist facilities, etc.).

Number two: the specific marketing target of this publication addresses a fundamental ambiguity. Is outreach from the State of Israel (via one of its Ministries) towards Christianity a matter of “international” or “interfaith” relations? Both? And what can music add to it? (A lot, I believe, if one considers the centuries-old interest on the part of Christian scholars towards the sources of Jewish music).

At any rate, I just filled out the order form. We’ll see if I receive a copy.

Stay tuned.

* The spelling of “toursim” is from the website (I left it here because it sounds a bit like taqsim…).