Organizationally speaking, our first week of class was a bit of a challenge. We still have no official bSpace set up, and no formal roster is yet in my hands.

I received the following message from a student. I’m posting it here (minus the student’s name, of course), along with my reply, because it may help others clarify how assignments are to be fulfilled.

On Jan 21, 2012, at 2:11 PM, [xyz] wrote:

Dear Dr. Spagnolo,

I hope everything goes well with you.

My name is [xyz] and I am in Music 139 class.

I was reading the syllabus and weekly listening assignments, which brought me some questions.

They specify that weekly written responses reflect on at least one written and one musical source among those assigned.

Does this mean that I need to write one page for written reflection and another page for musical reflection?

Also, by the mean of reflection, any kind of reflection would be accepted? I’m sorry this question sounds really dull but I’m quire confused…

My last question is the due date for week 2 assignments. Are those due to 24th or 31th?


[your student]

Dear [xyz],

Thank you for checking in about this.

You need to write one page (no more!), combining references to at least one musical source and one written source among those assigned each week.

You should be familiar with the reading and listening assignments before the weekly lectures start, and must submit your response but Tuesday of the following week.

Therefore, as an example: next week will be Week 2, so you need to be familiar with the assignments for Week 2 by Tuesday morning (Jan. 24), and submit your response by the following Tuesday (January 31). Responses are submitted on paper (printout or, if legible, in writing).

Any reflection is acceptable (based on the guidelines I’ve shared with the class and posted here). Yes, it is.
(And your question is everything but dull).



PS. The actual assignments for week 2 (as described in the Syllabus and in the previous post) are as follows:
1. Grove, “Jewish Music” (I & III:1)  = Read sections I and III:1 of the “Jewish Music” entry in Grove Music Online (
2. Musical Traditions in Israel = Listen to Musical Traditions in Israel: Treasures of the National Sound Archives (notes to original CD found here, then choose which ones you wish to write about in your response based on the guidelines found in your weekly listening assignment sheet (found at the bottom of this post).