Documentary film-maker Julia Bacha articulates it so well.

“Most of you have probably never heard about” – she says – what the real reality of Israel and Palestine really is.

I’ve felt the very same way myself, reporting once a week about life and culture in Jerusalem during the “second intifada” for RAI (Italian National Radio) in 2002-2003. The sense that what the world knows about this part of the world is so different from what actually happens on the ground can be very dis-empowering. For everyone. Oftentimes, while researching a story in or around Jerusalem, and at the same time reading the headlines, I had the distinct sensation that I was living in a parallel universe.

This is why I like what Bacha says (even though I’m not exactly sure about the methodology she outlines in her outstanding TED Talk). She suggests that empowerment can come through paying attention. This has definitely something to do with our subject of study: the power of our attention (and attention is, primarily, listening: an activity supremely connected with sounds) is an essential key not only in understanding, but also in changing, reality. So, let’s become powerful listeners.