We got through week one, and it looks like as of next week we will have a complete roster, and full access to UC Berkeley’s bSpace. Not bad.

Also, The Magnes is opening this weekend. Images of our classroom are going around, too. See some here:

In the meantime, a couple of (hopefully) useful reminders.

First: until bSpace is available to all (some of you should already be in by now), use this blog as your main source of information about the class. This includes the syllabus, and this week’s reading assignments.

Second: If you have not done so already, do make time to read this week’s materials (they will come useful throughout the course).

Third: use the weekend to become familiar with next week’s assignments. I’ll be posting more on this blog, but for now refer to the syllabus and to the weekly handout, which you can also find here.

Last: enjoy the weekend!