This weeks assignments are “warm-up” readings. Until bSpace is figured out, you can find them here:

Definitely read the opening pages of Amos Oz’s autobiography. His view of cultural and family life in Jerusalem in the 1940’s is not to be missed. Then choose one of the two music essays. Personally, I’d prefer if you all read Edwin Seroussi’s global overview of the study of Jewish music, but I’m ok with you reading Philip Bohlman’s insightful study of the origins of the notion of “Jewish music” in 19th-century German Jewish culture. HOWEVER, if you are a music major, do tackle Seroussi’s essay first.

P.S. No responses are required this week or the next. The sheet I gave out was to show you what things will look like in the course of the semester. Just use this time to orient yourselves and get up to speed.